Throttle Body Plate Screws WTF

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Throttle Body Plate Screws WTF

Postby Lightning » Sun May 16, 2021 11:12 am

Any one else ever hear of the two screws holding the throttle plate in place coming undone while driving?!?!
I'm two hours from home and only 5 miles from our campsite when the two screws both let go and were sucked into cyl 1 and 6. The throttle plate dislodged, thankfully not completely, and got stuck in the throttle body at WOT. My accelerator pedel was stuck to the floor. I pulled the plugs and found scaring on the ground tabs of cyl 1 and 6 spark plugs confirming I have two screws, one in each, from the TB. To hold the TB plate mostly in place I used some bailing wire to tie it and limp it to camp.

I'm pretty pissed off, why would these ever fail? I'm guessing the previous owner was messing around with it and did not torque it down again properly. I'm pretty limited in cash and tools at camp, so I'll be risking the engine to get it home 150 miles.

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Re: Throttle Body Plate Screws WTF

Postby DSUZU » Sun May 16, 2021 1:28 pm

Wow! I'm surprised you didn't have major engine damage. Usually, those screws are staked after install by manufacturer or rebuilder to keep this from happening. Dennis
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