Greetings from Milwaukee, WI - Need Trooper Advice!

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Greetings from Milwaukee, WI - Need Trooper Advice!

Postby CheeseheadTrooper » Mon Feb 22, 2021 2:30 am

Howdy -

I was the proud owner of a 98 Trooper Limited, purchased new. I loved that beast - it reliably hauled my band gear and my Golden Retrievers up to around 115k, when the engine crapped out - oil leaks. I had a local shop rebuild the bottom. Eventually I got 249k miles out of it before I traded it out during Cash for Clunkers in '09. I have an opportunity to buy a 2000 Limited with under 90k. Having been away from Isuzus for quite a while and knowing that Cash for Clunkers took a lot of refurb-able parts off the road, I'm wondering about the current availability of parts and mechanics' willingness to continue to work on them.

I currently drive a 2003 Kia Sorento and am also considering buying an '07-09 EX with similar miles and I'm pretty sure that parts would probably be easier to get, but I really LOVED my big ol' box on wheels.

Opinions and advice greatly appreciated.

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Re: Greetings from Milwaukee, WI - Need Trooper Advice!

Postby 01IsuzuTrooper » Sat Feb 27, 2021 11:28 pm

Hi, I have an 01 Trooper base model (don’t know which trim level that is), but I bought it last July, with the auto transmission having issues, (let’s be honest, which 4l30e doesn’t?). So I ended up swapping the trans with one from a junkyard, doing some exhaust fixing, replace the gauge cluster, all oxygen sensors, and starter, a bunch of minor stuff, trans front seal started leaking right before Christmas, pulled the trans and did that in January, now all seems decent, 145,000 miles sat a lot, I did all the work myself with nothing special, almost all the tool were hand tools from harbor freight.

don’t know about mechanic ability anymore, but parts from NAPA and online seem to be pretty well priced and decent availability. Don’t know if that help, but I two cents, I bought the thing right before I turned 17 for $800 got about $2000 with everything, trans was $250 from junk yard.
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Re: Greetings from Milwaukee, WI - Need Trooper Advice!

Postby MASSMUSCLECAR » Tue Mar 02, 2021 11:15 pm

Hi- the trooper is built like a bank vault, had owned and drove many of them from 88 up . My current 2000 rodeo and even 03 axiom barely leak a drop but I have been very diligent with service, mostly I do it my self. Have found best parts availability and prices from Rock auto, and I go to my local Isuzu Boston area Isuzu dealer and he orders parts for me. I am having a trans issue with the rodeo but Its because transm shop put in the hockey puck seal wrong, it blew out on the highway with niece driving it and it was never the same after. I need to get it to a transm shop and see if its the upshift 3-4 sensor maybe bad that won.t let it go into 4th/overdrive. I just had a transm shop replace the trans fluid and filter and trans lines that rotted out in the axiom. Road salt here in mass is a killer. 90k miles is barely broken in If cared for and in good shape then it sounds nice. The frames take a killing here. My axiom frame is in tough shape. Trying to find a frame shop that can redo parts of it. The last trooper we had I think was a metallic white LTD 2002 , but my niece got hit by someone, and it got totaled. She loved the car, always felt so safe in it, Begged me to find another one after that but could not find one.
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