The lift works and oil change cart

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The lift works and oil change cart

Postby Von » Fri Mar 04, 2016 12:56 am

I used the lift for more than giving the kids rides today. Pulled the GTP in for an oil change and rotate the tires.

I really, really wish I could have made that end of the shop longer. It was an 8 point turn getting the car on the lift, and that's before I park the Fairlane inside too. I don't know if I can do that with the truck... 28 foot turning radius and no power steering...
Looks like maybe I could have moved the lift 2 or 3 feet closer to the end of the building.

I wanted to lift the GTP first because it has GAP insurance.... The lift was going up and down nice and even but I'd read that you don't really know if you have the equalization cables adjusted right until you put some real weight on it.

I took a pic of the car before I did. I've never taken any pics of it and well, I didn't know for sure what condition it would be in if I didn't have the cables right. I didn't want the first pic I took of it to be it laying on it's side in my garage...

And.... TADA!!

All the way up and plenty of room up top. I think if I pull the side boards and top off my truck I'll be able to get it all the way up too.
That was like, the third lift. Was going to take a pic before the oil change with the safety stands under it but I lost my phone for a little bit. Thought I'd left it in the car but I didn't... that was lift two.. Found it after I changed the oil and raised it back up just for you guys.

Holy crap.. that is SO nice not having to lay down on the concrete to pull the plug and have oil dropping in a pan splash you... front spoiler digging into your shoulder..

The oil change station... the bastard child of thrift and redneck engineering.

The big bit on top was a resin blender receiver body I got on a scrap ticket from work. Vacuum system sucks resin pellets to a receiver and then it's dropped into a blender hopper. That's an old, old, old one... The harness looking thing on bottom thats holding the red funnel in place... the rubber bit used to go up the bottom and was clamped in place. When the vacuum was applied the bottom of the rubber piece would suck closed and then resin was pulled from a daybin on the other side of the plant. There's a couple thousand miles of aluminum tubing on the ceiling of the place... tons of resin getting sucked back and forth all the time. Pretty cool system as long as it's working right and the daybins get filled on time.

Anyway, I cut part of that away so it'll hold the red funnel in place. There's a screen in the funnel in case I from a plug or something else important.

I couldn't find anything around the house that was suitable to go between the red funnel and the bucket, another $2 for the black funnel. I've got $8 in it.

I chopped up an old bed frame to make the base. Should have used the different one, those castors are pretty wore out.

It's kind of wobbly... I'll brace it up some more once I know it'll fit under the truck. It's a little bit taller than it needs to be, might cut it down a little anyway, then it won't need 2x4s under the bucket to keep the black funnel from falling over.

If I get it calibrated right and decide to keep it I might put hangers on it for filter wrenches, put a shelf inside the metal funnel for draining filters.

Don't have the garage organized yet. Everything just kinda... piled here and there. Move a pile when it's in the way...

I ran outside to take that last pic and saw the stack of car dollies sitting against the wall.... :idea:

Pull the truck in, jack it up and put it on the dollies, spin it 90 degrees and then take it off the dollies... drive it to the lift! maybe... Those are rated at 1000lbs each, truck weighs 5800lbs.. I packed plenty of grease into the dolly swivels when I put them together... we'll see..
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Re: The lift works and oil change cart

Postby itsmehb » Sat Mar 05, 2016 6:45 am

Really nice set up. Will make working on your cars much easier. My son in law has one just like yours installed in an airplane hanger he bought for working on his race cars. When I put the 89 RS on the lift it's some what of a challenge because of the short wheelbase and the long arms of the lift. Also good Tx. engineering building your oil catch can set-up.
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