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Postby Viper6Actual » Fri Jun 04, 2021 8:56 pm

Ladies and gentlemen, gentlemen and ladies. I hope everyone is well and breathing much easier since the special elite have given us permission to remove masks, but I digress. My buddy’s son had a 2001 LS 2wd Rodeo that I finally pulled the trigger on and I have to admit, it’s a sharp smooth driving, sexy piece of machinery. It’s got 298k miles and the only issue is that it slips gears when you start up and try to go too fast. But after about 20 mins of driving, it’s not bad at all. Anyone dealt with this? Ok, so the real reason I’m here. Im wanting to find a spare tire holder but I’m having no luck at all anywhere. Any suggestions would be extremely helpful and tire size also. Im looking at 265/70r16 but is that really the biggest (don’t care to go wider just a bit taller) tire that will fit? And if you or anyone you know have put a 2” - 3” lift on your 2wd let me know what kit you used.

Thanks for all of the help, it’s greatly appreciated!!!
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