Advice on bad braking shudder - Dennis?

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Advice on bad braking shudder - Dennis?

Postby Oro » Fri Jul 31, 2020 4:46 am

OK, so me thinking I'm all that great, maybe not...

My ex-neighbor with the Subaru B9/Tribeca texted, and it was shuddering badly. Talked about in May: ... 4&t=142911

I drove it tonight and it's only when braking between 65 and 55. And it's fairly rough. General shaking that is the whole car, not just pulsing through the brake pedal/steering. Otherwise, driving and accelerating or braking at all other speeds, the car drives like I left it in May, VERY nicely. The rotors were turned, and I put in new ceramic pads. I bedded them together with a controlled series of panic stop, per good practice, so that shouldn't be an issue. Any other speeds, it's smooth as silk, brakes/steers/etc. lovely. Frankly, better than it should at that mileage!

I am thinking it must be a lower control arm bushing? I recall when I was under it inspecting it in general, I was questioning the right front rear control arm bushing, but then I went on-line and looked at pictures of replacement bushings and they had similar voids. The car has 221k on it so I can't imagine it NOT needing some control arm work by that point so I'm thinking that. I of course can jack it up and look again, I'm just spit-balling so I refine my thinking before doing that in a few days.

I have to say wrt the Tribeca, I'm impressed. My neighbor, who doesn't drive much any more, has a 2017 Outback ltd/loaded model with 13k on it; I drive it often (I did today) and it's a nice car. This 2006 Tribeca is very smooth, very well built, stacks up well. I gather the Tribeca was actually positioned at the top of the Subaru line at the time but just didn't catch on? I have driven other Subarus from that period and they don't have this level of refinement and build quality (new ones certainly do; not bashing the brand).
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Re: Advice on bad braking shudder - Dennis?

Postby DSUZU » Sat Aug 01, 2020 8:19 am

Yes, check those control arm bushings. I'm not all that familiar with the Tribecas, but a lot of the Subaru components are the same. My daughters 2002 Forester (240K plus miles now) had some shudder issues. That turned out to be tires. It also has a clunk when you first put it in reverse. I suspect that may be the bad (loose) lower control arm bushing on the right front. Best I can suggest is get all 4 wheels off the ground and check for movement or play in all axis. Try moving the LCAs back and forward with a pry bar while watching for movement. There is (again - Tribeca vs what I have) a carrier bearing on the drive shaft, might check that too. Dennis
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