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Hello fromn AZ

Postby QuantumRift » Tue Aug 07, 2012 10:57 am

Yea, I already posted a few messages but I'll say HELLO..

Name is Doug, and I 'm in SE Arizona (Sierra Vista, and currently work on Ft. Huachuca as a Network Systems Engineer).

I own a 1990 Isuzu SpaceCab LS 4x4...had it since 15 or 16 miles on the odo...now over 190K.

One of last to be made in Japan, so it's been a good one.

One of my 'hobbies' is keeping it running, and it's pretty easy to work on. The Japanese A/C still blows fairly cold but last week I converted the R12 to R134 as nobody in town can 'work' on R12 systems anymore...sure they will 'convert' you for $300 or more, but I did it for a cost of about $50. I got a place in town to suck out the old Freon, and I used my kit to convert it myself. Works fine. The OEM starter lasted until 130K miles...now I'm on my THIRD after-market starter. The OEM alternator lasted 160K miles, and I'm my SECOND aftermarket alternator. Not to worry, though, as I get the LIFETIME warranted stuff and I make use of it. Last summer I lost the vacuum fuel pressure regulator, and just as I pulled in the driveway one day coming home from work, it started spewing raw gasoline all over the engine.

I've been thru SEVERAL batteries...mostly Sears Gold DieHard but I've become very disillusioned with the DieHards...I've had to replace two of them while still in the full replacement window and two pro-rated. My next battery WILL be a DEKA, made in PENNSYLVANIA.

For about three years years I had pulled the stock FAN and installed an electric fan. It worked OK but had issues keeping it adjusted right. Maybe I'll do it again, as I did see a noticeable improvement in fuel economy. I'm getting ready to replace the radiator and will probably go with the plastic radiator and electric fan again. You cannot find a good radiator shop any more and I'm not into soldering and welding my own radiator.

I've gone thru TWO timing belts (each one was still in excellent shape when when I replaced, and at same time, replaced water pump...

At 120K I pulled the axles and rebuilt the CV joints myself....the boots rotted out here in AZ a couple of years ago (I ride my motorcycle most of the time), and last month I just pulled and replaced BOTH FRONT drive axles. I also installed new rotors and ceramic pads for brakes. A few years ago I replaced the back rotors with "low noise" rotors and ceramic pads. Put a new head on it a few years ago. The OEM muffler lasted until a couple of years ago and I replaced it with a Magnum Freeflow. Some years ago the Cat converter became inert, so I had pulled it and replaced it with a 'test pipe'...mileage went up, but so did the stink and smell (my wife hated it), so I installed a new CAT as well. I'd put a new O2 sensor on it as well bout the time I replaced the muffler.

The truck came with OEM Michelins, which suck out here in AZ. After those wore out I stuck exclusively with Cooper Discoverer tires....until two years ago, I decided on the BF Goodrich tires at Discount, so my truck has had only 4 sets of tires since purchase. The truck came equipped with 31x10.50R15 tires, and haven't had any need to fiddle with rims, tires or lift. It climbs very well.

Just intrsalled HID light kit, and replacing all the incandescent bulbs with LEDs, inside and out. I have a box of new turn signal and marker and tail lights to install, and a new grille as well. I found a great place to get GRILLE clips (box of 25 for $11.88 at http://www.clipsandfastners.com ). I have an exploded parts breakdown (not on microfiche, though) I use to keep finding parts. I am finding lately that I have much better luck in getting a part THROUGH HONDA than Isuzu. I needed "inner bearing seals" for my recent axle replacement. Well, if you go to the parts store and ask for an Inner Bearing SEal, which is what they show, you get the wrong bearing seal. What you need is an INNER KNUCKLE BEARING SEAL, and I got those thru my local Honda dealer.

But I digress....anyways, I've had this truck since it was new. I decided to keep it even when tempted by "Cash for Clunkers", but in reality, it isn't a clunker, and I could not justify going 25K in debt for a truck with basically the same features, and gets basically the same mileage albeit with a 6 cylinder engine - but smogged down with equipment. So I kept it and now just pecking away at 'restoring' it. I've gone thru THREE power window master switches (the design is not that good and cleaning the contacts helps but ultimately they fail)...gone thru two power window regulators in each side.

Have a problem with sunroof not pulling down tight now. I'm prepping it for a cross country move in a couple of weeks and will be getting a hitch installed to use instead of the step bumper hitch.

About 120K I noticed the rear end had a noticeable whining sound when accelerating or decelerating. Well, I did the usual troubleshooting and replaced both rear axle bearings. No change. I took it to a local shop and they put it up on their lift and pronounced the rear end in need of replacement ($800). I said thank you and took it home and looked at it again. I found the big nut on differential loose, so I tightened it up, no further problems.

Had a problem once with the small coolant hose under the throttle body, but was able to fix it with no issues.

I replaced the fuel pump a couple of years ago as well, as It was starting to make noticeable noise. I try to stay ahead and be proactive when necessary.

SO there you are. I love this old truck and I know it. Like your rides....you just know it.
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1990 Isuzu LS SpaceCab 4x4 (Japanese-built, September 1989)
224,000 miles.
K&N Air Filter
2.6 L 4ZE1 engine, 5-spd manual
Monroe Sensa-track Load Adjusting Shocks (rear)
Monroe OE Spectrum Shocks (front)
MagnaFlow Muffler & Cat Converter
Akebono ProACT Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pads (front)
Wagner Thermoquiet Ceramic Brake Pads (rear)
Owned since 15 miles. Bought new Honolulu, HI in Oct '89.
Original sticker price: $15,000.
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