how strong are 5:38 gears in a dana 44

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how strong are 5:38 gears in a dana 44

Postby recon » Sat Mar 02, 2013 4:23 pm

how strong are 5:38 gears in a dana 44 .i know the lower the gear ratio the smaller the pinion gear and less tooth count and contact.i am still debating on 5:38 gears dana 44 front and 12 bolt rear or 5:13 gears dana 44 front and a isuzu rodeo dana 44 .if i go dana 44's front and rear i will have more gear will be awhile befose an sas on my 1st step is to find a wagoneer dana 44.i only plan to run 35's and 5:13 is the closest match.if i go 5:38's i will go 36's
my truck has come a long way since july 2nd 2010 and it is far from finished 8) recon

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Re: how strong are 5:38 gears in a dana 44

Postby foytiX » Tue Mar 05, 2013 10:08 am

I would suggest the 44 in the front with the 12 bolt in the rear. The 12 bolt is stronger than the 44 from everything I've read :). If you win the lotto, just get matt's 12 bolt hybrid axle for the front :twisted:
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Re: how strong are 5:38 gears in a dana 44

Postby FTen » Tue Mar 05, 2013 11:33 pm

Another factor is where you source your D44 from. Not all 44's are created equal.

example ... the much vaunted Rubicon has a D44 front ... but in reality it is the smallest lightest carrier and has D30 outers. Very compromised design.

Get a waggy D44 and it is a good middle ground D44 And depending on the year (older 70's model are better) you can put the heavy carrier inside so gear choice isnt a a big problem. 5.38's should be fine just don't slap a big block in it lol

Or you can have a D44 like the one in my trooper ... came out of a mid 70's Chevy one ton. Has the big carrier, heavier outers, thinker axles etc etc, and has a beefy ring and pinion, not to mention very roomy for a big locker :) It costs a few bucks more to set it up right, but so far it has been bullit proof.

REally reading up on all the varients of the D44 and then deciding will help a whole bunch

Oh and I run 5.38 in my axle with mechanical lockers (detroit) and they work great. no problem and I've run them about 5 years now I think. I run 37 inch tires and a double reduction transfer case so i can put some torque down at low speeds and they gears always look perfect when I service it.
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